Full behavioural package

Why a full package?

This comprehensive package is designed to give you all the help you’ll need. We start with a 90m session, assessing your dog, videoing the session on a high definition camera. We train you how to deal with your specific issue and after the session is complete, I send out a PDF with everything we did. 

After this, I spend a couple of hours analysing, editing and narrating the video, so we can send you a full rundown of your session, what we see, and anything important to your training. We can also add in progressions and any other information. 

as part of the package, you also get the best training equiptment I can find. So you leave with whatever is best for your situation, and that can be training leads, lines, or toys designed for tugging, or sniffing. All things we can use to supercharge training in the future. 

You also get two follow up sessions and interim zoom calls to make sure you have all the support you need. This package would normally cost £550, but is reduced to £450, as well as reduced 121 follow up sessions and 20% off of any purchases. 

Training, what you get

  • 1.5hr initial assessment, with training video taken on the day
  • Edited video sent to you, analysed with audio pointers, personalised feedback and full reminders of training
  • PDF instructions 
  • 2x 1hr follow ups used whenever you need them
  • 2x 30m zoom calls for help and advice inbetween sessions
  • All future 121 sessions reduced by £10 for that dog. 


With this package you get to select 2 of the below, depending on your needs

  • 3m Training lead, built in Northampton  and upgraded to the best materials available. 
  • 6m training line, and a grab handle
  • Any tugenuff training toy

Whats so special about this package?

The BEST VALUE  training in Northampton, hands down

No other trainer offers better value or support. 

The ONLY VIDEO ANALYSIS  training in Northampton

Ideal tool for learning, observing and changing behaviours

The MOST COMPREHENSIVE package in Northampton

In person, calls, video analysis, toys, equipment

The MOST VERSATILE package in Northampton

Any behaviour, any set of problems, and mixes of techniques

1-2-1 Sessions

1-2-1 training can be for ANYTHING: the whole point is that it’s built around what you need. Every session is 1 hour long as standard, but we can do more as you need it. And you can have as many or as few sessions as you like. The whole point is that I work around you. We can use this time to work on behaviour issues like anxiety, reactivity to people, other dogs, dog agression or anything else, as well as more basic things like obedience work, agility or a specific skill you want help with. 

Every session gives you all the tools you need for your specific issues, and I follow it up with a customised PDF which includes a breakdown of anything we have discussed, a step-by-step exercise list and any progression we have talked about. Obviously, this also comes with backup in terms of email support and quick phonecalls.

dog obedience training northampton
dog stress anxiety training northapton

Common issues include:

While the list below isn’t exhaustive, it gives you an idea of why you might want to get 1-2-1 training. It could be a mixture of things. 

You might want to work on heelwork, but think a class environment might be too much. You may feel that you need help in the home dealing with barking at the door, or an over protective pup. Maybe that pup is perfectly happy, but you really want some 1-2-1 help with recall to really get it solid. 

  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Fear and Reactivity
  • Destruction in the home/Chewing
  • Separation anxiety
  • Resource guarding
  • Lack of ‘manners’
  • Toilet training
  • Recall
  • Loose lead
  • Appropriate play
  • Much more!
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Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to discuss a 1-2-1 session

Pricing starts at £70 per hour, which includes a full follow up report.

Pre-Puppy Visit

The whole point of this service is to make sure you can get the best dog for your family. This service gets us together to talk about what to look for when buying a pup, what questions to ask a breeder and how to check for temperament (as best we can) and working out what owning a dog will look like. Picking the wrong pup from a bad breeder can end up costing you a LOT in terms of vets bills, trips to a behaviourist and in some cases, even losing the pup all together. It’s really important that we can get these first stages right. We include things like:

Health Checks

dog health check northampton

Meeting the Parents


dog equipment northampton


dog puppy socialisation northampton

First training

puppy toilet training northampton


puppy expectations

At the end of this session I will give you a set of PDFs looking at basic exercises, troubleshooting common problems and giving you some basic information to get started on your new doggo journey! And obviously you have the chance to ask questions, pick my brains and make sure you’re going to get the right dog for your lifestyle. 

Use the tool below to book a free 15 minute phone call, if you want to discuss your problems and how we can help. Or if you want to jump straight into a 121, feel free!