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You can book using the booking tool and calendar below. Every workshop has a detailed description of what we’ll cover and any information you might need on the workshops page Payment can be made through this booking system and only requires any accepted card type. Please check all the details as they give some important information, but feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of the page if you have questions, or by emailing

Locations can be seen by clicking on each event, but are held around Northampton and you can find booking terms at the bottom of the page, under the booking tool.

Workshop Length – These are one-off, two hour long sessions rather than a full courses and are specialised to the listed behaviours and commands.

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Walking fundimentals   – 

Loose lead                     –

Recall                             – 

Focus Workshop           –

Training Principles               – 

Dogsport / Agility fun day   –

Safety Workshop                  –

Unknown Workshop             –


121 session, and free 15 minute, pre booking phonecalls

These can also be booked below, but because one-to-one sessions are tailored to you, we can also set up a free 15 minute call to discuss your need. This is entirely optional, but you are welcome to book for a chat, or you can just email me at or use the contact form at the cottom of the page. You can also contact me on Facebook. 

 The 121 sessions can take place (depending on your issue) at your home, a number of local parks and green spaces, or at a secure field specially dedicated and isolated if that’s something that may be helpful. I do have preffered locations for various technical reasons, but I cover all of Northampton. 

Prices for 1-2-1 sessions are based at a rate of £70 per hour. 

NOTICE: Due to the time of year, workshops and Classes are limited as we work outside. If there is no booking available, please contact me directly and I can try to accomodate. As the evenings draw out, the classes and workshops will become far more frequent.

Booking Tool

You can use the below drop down to be guided through to the correct route, or you can can select the direct

Stay in touch

We always have free pack walks, and from time to time, special offers and discounts available. I dont spam customers with all the emails, so a great way to stay in touch is to sign up for various things. Its also how I announce new classes and workshops. So if youre interested, please add your email address to the signup below. 

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Booking terms and conditions

All dogs attending any training needs to be vaccinated and microchipped. You are asked to confirm this on the booking page.

Dogs must be kept on lead at all times when attending our training unless specifically instructed by the instructor. If at any point we need to use longer distances, we will provide you with a long line. 

This is a legal obligation for us, and a list of banned breeds can be found in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

This is for obvious safety reasons. It’s just not the setting to address those issues. If you do have a dog with aggressive or reactive tendencies, please contact me directly to arrange a consultation.

Please do not bring your dog to any public or group event if they are suffering from any contagious illness or are experiencing signs of sickness. If you are unsure, please check with your vet, or contact us directly before booking.

This is for everyones safety, and the safety of the general public. 

Due to the complications and distress it can cause, and to prevent the risk of unplanned pregnancy, bitches cannot attend group sessions whilst in season. Please contact us if you are booked onto a group session and find yourselves in this position. We can talk about getting you onto another course when things have settled.

Its also not the best idea in any public area for the same reason, and i’d encourage at home training for the duration of their cycle.

Please notify us of any issues (allergies, behaviour, general health issues) that your dog has when booking. This will help me tailor to your individual needs.

I only use force free, science based methods in my training and will not allow any pain generating equipment, like choke chains, slip leads or e-collars. We also don’t use harsh corrective measures, as that damages the dog. Training equipment generally consists of a harness, lead and motivator for the dog (food/toy,whatever we end up using)

On all group sessions, we require at least 50% capacity to run them. If we fall below this, we will contact you directly to arrange a transfer to another course, or credit note for future training. This will be at least 72 hours before the start time of the course

Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances for example loss or death of a dog or rehoming. In most cases, and with sufficient notice, we can agree transfer of course fees for future services. We ask that cancellations or transfer requests be no less than 72 hours before the course start time. Less than 72hrs notice means we haven’t time to fill spots, and therefore cannot issue credit or transfer.

This will only be done for safety reasons or severe problems. In that instance, if we cancel a booking, you will be entitled to a 100% refund, or transfer to another service. Its your choice. 

We may, from time to time, take photos or videos for promotional purposes. We assume you consent to this as a standard terms of service. If for any reason at all you do not wish to have any images or videos taken, please let us know and we will make sure you don’t appear on any promotional materials.

For those happy to have video and photo’s taken, they will most likely appear on social media and my own website.

In all cases, these special offers or any reduced cost training is non refundable. If issues arrise, we can transfer training times, etc but due to the nature of these offers, we cannot ever refund unless Chasing Pawfection cancels the entire offer.

Working with dogs is a passion, so it’s important to us that we get to cuddle floofs, snugglebums and fluffballs.
This being the case, Chasing Pawfection and all its agents reserve the right to boop the floof, in all its various forms. 

We may also, in some circumstances, be required to issues sqishes, bum scratches and belly rubs. 

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