Heres some client stories for you to look over...

These arent for training, their just nice stories. I keep forgetting to film things, so I’ll update these when I can. The most recent will be at the top. Enjoy!

Nia - Reactive to cars, bikes, dogs, humans and new enviromets.

Nia presented to me with some severe reactions to basically… Life. She was a rescue pup and the owners had been working for about a year on her, getting better but still having their issues and sometimes (as we can see in the video) some severe shutdowns. 

Once pup gets into this state, the owner couldnt get them out of it and had to retreat back into the car. 

Using some associative learning and positive re-enforcement we could start to encourage some confidence in pup and get them into the enviroment where we could start to learn. 

As you can see, the reaction to this is night and day!