What is a Loose Lead Workshop

Simply put, a workshop is a 2hr lesson where we focus on 1 specific behaviour. In this case, the loose lead and heelwork. All workshops are a MAXIMUM of 6 people so we can make sure everyone gets enough time, and all of them are held outside, so that we can work in a real work, distracting enviroment. These are excellent for dogs that simply dont understand what loose lead walking IS, and can be paired with a 121 session if the dog is reactive.

By reactive, this could be super excited, scared, anxious, agressive, frustrated or anything like that. If you have those issues as well, then please contact me for a free call, or you can book that by clicking the button below​

Benefits of loose lead training

Loose lead is one of the main things I get called about, alongside Recall. Loose lead and heelwork are different things, but they means exactly what they say. 

Loose Lead - Is training a dog not to pull on the lead

Heelwork - Is teaching a dog where to be, and thats usually at a position next to your heel

The benefits with this are obvious. We teach the dog where they should be, to find that rewarding and to seek out that behaviour. To a certain extent it CAN help with reactivity issues when paired with specific reactivity training. 

It also be super important for safety, as we can selectively train a dog to go to that heel position for crossing road, past other dogs, or to a given side. 

The training  goes from the absolute basics, through loads of exercises and incresing difficulty to give you a really nice progression. So suitable for all levels of knowledge

What you'll be tought

- How to communicate with your dog

- How to link the heel as the specific spot you need your dog

- Simple exercises to get dog moving to heel

- How to deal with pulling and the dog moving ahead

- Exercises to back up and turn, controlling the direction of walks

- Progressions from basics to free form walking

- Exercises to check where you are with your training

- A PDF instruction sheet with all the information to practice at home

- Access to my FREE pack walks for more advice, some training distractions and some moral support from other owners.

And all of this for only £40... For 2 hours of training!

If none are available please feel free to contact me using the form below, sign up to the newsletter (dont worry, I dont spam people) or of course we can cover all of the same techniques in a 121 session. Also check out my other workshops, we have Recall, Scentwork, Hooprs and more!

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