IMPORTANT NOTICE: New years pack walks are being organised. But with Omicron and the weather, there is a little uncertainty. Please contact me directly if you want to be put on a mailing list.

Why are the pack walks good?

  • They’re free
  • Great socialisation
  • Surrounded by likeminded people
  • Dogs always on lead
  • Qualified trainer support
  • Q & A sessions
  • Varied locations
  • Share ideas
  • Meet new people

What are pack walks?

Pack walks are a free, relaxed and easily manageable get-together of dog owners. It’s a really good excuse to get out with your dog. It’s also a nice way to make sure you can socialise, train and be around other owners that understand dog training and the things you’re trying to do. All dogs are on lead and we keep everyone seperated as much as possible to give owners the chance to train and manage their own walk. 

We also have Q & A sessions throughout so you can ask about any problems you have and for any tips and tricks. This isn’t a training session, but a chance for everyone to get together and ask questions.  

Where do we walk?

Upton Country Park

A premium dog training space!

Located near Sixfields, this is an excellent area for pack walks, with lots of options for path walks, open area and waterside walking. 

There’s plenty of on-site parking and we meet at the back of the car park. 

Salcey Forest

A lovely woodland walk on narrow paths, with lots of little streams, large puddles and solid ground! This walk is one of the nicest forest walks I know of, as its accessible all year round.

These walks are great for dogs that are non reactive.

Harlestone Firs

harlstone firs pack dog walks northampton

Another great woodland walk with plenty of fun sniffs for pup. This location has a nice open area that’s great for working recalls, as well as lots of spiralling pathways. Great for summer days as the trees provide excellent shade.

Irchester Country Park

A great walk location at Irchester Country Park, based in the heart of northampton

Possibly one of my favourite places to walk. It’s a stunning park with a really interesting set of walks, paths and open ground to walk on. 

This makes a great training enviroment for dogs but can be a little overwhelming if you’re looking for a low distraction environment. 

Bradlaugh Fields

A great training and pack walk location

This area is again really good for training, with large open areas and nice pathways. 

There are good places to practice distance work, with lots of smaller paths to work on closer commands and behaviours. 

This area is used a lot by other trainers too. 

The Racecourse

One of my top 3 training locations.

This, like Upton, may be a premium spot for distance work and reactive dogs. The massive area allows a lot of room to spread out and distance your dogs. 

As well as being a great all round venue, I’d highly suggest this for anything you need to do with distance in mind. 

Other Events

Puppy Socialisation @ Dobbies

These are organised by Pets Corner in Hardingstone and Harlstone. You can book in via them, and once a month  at each location, I am there as a guest speaker. I will be there to answer basic training issues and any problems youre having.

As theres a lot of people at these, theres not a huge amount of time to focus on just 1 person, but for basics, its a great way to get some help, and if you were interested in proper classes or 121 training, its a really good way to meet me, check out the positive techniques and have some fun. 

Pack Walks with Adventure Geek

This agaion is another walk where I have been invited to attend so that I can offer free support and advice for dog owners. They do various walks around Northampton and theres a small fee, but you can find all the details here. 

As with all these walks, its all on lead and managed by professionals. Theres also a chance to book in with their phisio checkup for a free health check of your dogs muscles and bones. Contact them for times and dates.