So, how do we actually train your dog?

Well… We don’t. Not really. My job is to train the handler and show you in easy steps how to motivate and build that bond, in small bitesize chunks. Easy to follow for both you and dog! It’s not about giving you exercises to follow (although obviously, we do) and it’s not about blindly following orders. It’s about understanding how and why you’re doing it… There’s a big difference between getting a dog to sit and knowing how and why a dog is doing it. This makes you a problem solver! There’s no better feeling in the world than when your dog won’t do something, and you suddenly realise ‘oh, it’s because of… ‘

So as a dog trainer, I use psychology and behavioural studies to understand our dogs, and things like classical conditioning and positive re-enforcement training to turn that understanding into a behaviour we want. MY job is to make that easy to understand and use. I only use simple ideas, tailored to you and easily manageable for you and pup. 

We use simple equipment (leads, long lines, treat pouch) and lots of treats… But not a lot more! We train in only positive reinforcement techniques, and the whole point is to have fun with our dogs, while giving them some important life skills. What comes out in the end is a well behaved dog that does what you want, because you’re a close knit team!

Here's the rundown... We do it:


There’s a vast science behind dog training. It’s all about how a dog learns, which is exactly the same as how humans learn (well, kind of). It’s modifying dog behaviour using decades of research and the most up to date techniques. We use that to tap directly into what our dog finds motivating, and use that to shape the dogs behaviour 

No tricks, no fads, no super-secret knowledge… Simply good, fact-based training… Backed up with years of experience


Even though dogs are a complex subject, my job is to break it down into simple exercises, basic understanding and easy to reach goals… I know the science, so you don’t have to. We keep exercises simple, and work from there in small, bitesize chunks. No degrees necessary (not for you, anyway!)


We should be leaving you with the feeling that you understand your dog, not that you’ve just done an exam and I pride myself on making handlers into problem solvers without you even realising it!

And with you at the centre of it all

It’s extremely easy to try and use special harnesses, leads, face halters or collars to get your dog doing something… But not only is it expensive, but it also doesn’t really work. The second you take off the face harness, it stops working… So the dog hasnt really learning anything good

To fix this, we put you at the centre of your dog’s world, teach you the skills you need, and don’t rely on any gimmick. Simply good training and information. We put you and your relationship with the dog, front and centre. And to be honest, that’s all you really need. 



Six weeks of one hour classes in the heart of Northampton. Puppy and dog training for all sizes, breeds and capabilities. For the basics, we cover the important commands. Drop, leave it, STOP! and recall. The ones that can save your dogs life. We also do some fun commands and start the loose lead work. It’s a great start to any dog or puppy training adventure.

All training done with positive, reward based methods and it gives you a massive toolbox for future training.

positive dog training northampton

one -to-ones

If you want to work one to one, we can do that. 

This is to work on anything you would like. People tend to use this for specific issues and when you need some extra support. Sessions are one hour long as standard, but we can arranged longer sessions as required. I tend to do a lot of loose lead, recall, reactivity, and so much more.

These are tailored exactly to what you need and take place in various locations around Northamptonshire

puppy problems northampton

Pre-Puppy and home visits

It’s very easy to get tricked by puppy farms and backyard breeders. These sessions equip you with the information you need to get you the best dog for your budget and lifestyle. 

As well as buying advice, we also go over common puppy problems and the first bits of training, such as toilet and name training. Plus of course, anything else you want to discuss. After you get your pup, of course I also offer home visits too.

Pack Walks

We understand you can’t always exercise your dog in a managed enviroment, so we have set up some completely free pack walks.  

These are an opportunity to be around other likeminded people, with no stress and with myself there to make sure everything is kept safe. You can work on training with other dogs around and  I’m there for help and advice.  

As these sessions are managed, it’s required that I’ve met you so we can make sure everyone gets the most out of the walk.


Periodically, we have specific workshops, crash courses and fun sessions  dealing with things like recall, loose lead, mental games and even teaching basic agility, or a mixture of all the above. 

These are two hour blocks so they’re easy to fit into your schedule.  These are great to keep high energy dogs at the top of their game with skills for both them and you, plus some fun ideas for wearing them out at home!

I run workshops on a number of different topics, so stay tuned!


We sell top quality training leads and long lines. The most important kit you need for training and often under appreciated! A good training lead can make all the difference. 

Alongside that, our long lines are critical for safety while training outside and with distractions, so we hold a stock of these for you to purchase. I also hand turn training whistles, which are great for some of the long distance emergency commands like ‘stop’ or recall. 

They are also quite stunning on a keyring or layyard, even if I do say so myself. 

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