What is a workshop?

 I run workshops to cover specific problems or subjects. Each session is a one off, two hour long mini course focused on something like recall, loose lead walking, or dog sports related things like agility, or high level obedience. 

The classes are no more than six people so we can really focus on you, and the field we use is secluded and huge, so you all have as much space as you need to train in, without too many distractions. The idea is that you can pick and choose the exact training you want, at an affordable price and it doesn’t require you to commit for six weeks (like a normal class), one hour, every single week. 

Check the topics below to see the sort of things we do. 

Loose Lead Walking

loose lead heel walking training northampton

This is without doubt one of the hardest things to learn, which is why I break it down into small steps and easy to learn chunks. 

The idea is to make pup WANT to be near you, and make good choices… Yanking, shouting, and special harnesses don’t work. So we focus on what does! That’s simple rules, and easy to follow instructions. 

In the workshop we do the simpler areas of heelwork all the way up to speed changes, side selecting (commands to get out dog on our left or right) and some really important equipment and setup considerations to get us some easy wins. 


dog recall training northampton

Recall… That elusive beast! It’s one of the most important things we can teach our dog, and just like the loose lead, this is a two hour group training session where we focus on what the recall means to our dogs. We work in small easy to learn steps so we can teach them and look at what will really supercharge that recall.

This is one of the most easily fixed issues, and can be done with food, toys and just a little fun. We can add in emergency stops and have a lot of fun with our pups. 

In this workshop, we also talk about why recalls fail, and what we can do to make them bombproof. 

Crash Courses

These are exactly as much fun as they sound. These are designed to give you a fun session that mixes a little of everything. We take some loose lead, recall, basic agility, focus and obedience work and give you a two hour session where we cram you full of cool ideas and fun things to do, while also preparing you with some real world skills. We do three levels of these: Basic, intermediate and advanced, where each level gives you more and more skills that are useful in all aspects of dog ownership. 


An ever growing and ever evolving sport. Agility is a bit of fun for you and dog, and can be taken as seriously or as lightheartedly as you want. I use a location in Priors Marston with Kennel Club accredited equipment to deliver some excellent fun sessions for you and pup. 

If you need to know any more, you can look up agility on YouTube or check my own videos. It’s a lot of fun!

dog agility training northampton

Dog Focus

A highly underrated skill! This is basically ways we can engage our dog and keep them focused on us. 

We do this by making it rewarding for them and teach them an (enthusiastic) response to name, eye contact, and focus while loose lead walking, engagement with commands and fun interactions. In my opinion, this is a ‘must have’ skill for both dog and handler.


UK Dog Sports

UK Dog Sports is a mix between agility and real world skills. While it’s far less ‘serious’ as a sport than agility is, it can still be very demanding if you want to compete. 

In these workshops, we take normal agility exercises and mix it in with lead walking, recalls, stays and all sorts. I also add in emergency stops and focus work so we always have that real world application in mind. 

agility training in northampton