IMPORTANT NOTICE: I do not have an online store for purchases. Please contact me directly for sales. I am currently changing suppliers as well, so some things may be slightly spartan while everything is getting delivered.

Training leads, 1.5m / 3m, £28

These 4 way training leads are all handmade in Northampton from a material called ‘Airweb’ which is designed to be easy to hold, even when wet, and incredibly comfortable! They also have increased strength stitching and an upgraded clip system.

Due to the design, they can be used as either a 1.5 or 3m lead, a hands free lead, or stowed over the shoulder. They’re incredibly versatile. 

On top of this, the leads are also very strong and durable. It’s one of the very few leads I trust for classes and as I’m sure you’ll see, the only lead I use!

I try to carry a selection of these in all colour options, but black is the staple. As they’re handmade, they are sometimes harder to keep in stock in all colour options, but more are being produced every week. 

Long lines

7.5m, £20

These lines are supplied 7.5m long, and are made from the same raptorgrip material as our leads. The lines themselves are great training tools for distance work, while keeping pup under control. The stiffer lines also make great drag lines while we’re practicing recalls. These are made without a handle, so they don’t catch or hook onto anything while we’re working. 

I use 7.5m, as any more than that and they get hard to manage. 6m is even better, and these are easily cut down to that size at home if you need them shorter. 

As with the training leads, we carry a stock of these in all colour options, but as they’re handmade, they are sometimes harder to keep in stock as they take up to 10 days to get made and delivered. These are always available in person should you need one. We can also supply longer or shorter lengths as needed. 

If you want to order one specially made, please let us know and we can get that arranged for you. 

Handmade dog training whistles, here in Northampton. Great for recall, emergency stop and really any other disntance command.

Hand Turned Whistles, £25

I use high quality acrylics, exotic woods and nickel plated fittings to create some stunning training whistles. 

I really like whistles for long distance safety commands like ‘Recall’ and ‘Emergency Stop’ where we want the most consistent signal possible for our dogs.

Of course we can whistle train for ANY command, but these are my personal favourite and I don’t leave home without mine. They come with a split ring and are mounted on a swivel. These are all completely unique and no two will ever be the same, so make sure to come and have a look through all the options next time we’re training. 

Finished in my little Northampton garage. Ready for pressing into dog training whistles.

Tug-e-nuff tuggers and toys! 10% off retail price.
Use the link below, or the the voucher code 'CHASING' at checkout on their website.

As you’ll know, if you have taken any training with us. Using play can be a BIG part of your training. I use these toys from Tug-e-nuff for my dogs, and they’ve lasted a fair time against German Shepherds and Collies! I dont stock these myself (which is a blessing in disguise, as id probally use up all my own stock) but you can get them direct from the supplier for a 10% discount. if you want to see them in action, I always have a couple in my bag, at a box full in the van! But you’ll have to excuse the chewed bits… I give them a lot of abuse.

You can also use THIS LINK

K9 Connectables

These are my goto enrichment toys for home. My little pack LOVE them. You can shop using this link, or by using the code chasingpawfection10 to get 10% off. 

Enrichment at home is cricial. Its really easy to leave a dog without anything fun to do. A ball will stop being interseting really quickly. So will a tug toy when theres no-one on the end to tug it!

Enrichment toys are a bit more fun for dogs and let them practice some really important behaviours. These exact ones let a dog destroy something (without actually destroying it) and take apart their ‘prey’. They get rewarded for this with some treats if you use the feeder type toys. 

These toys also give stress relieve thro9ugh ‘legal’ chewing… So not the table or sofa! And this is a really nice way for a dog to relax. And obviously, theres nothing stopping us playing with our dog at the same time!

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